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What determines the price of murals?

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Wall murals
What determines the price of murals?

The price for artistic paintings on walls also depends on the complexity of the drawings. The price is based on the size of the mural and is calculated in square metres.

For example, take two murals, each of 1 square metre. The first mural is half artwork, half background. The second mural is a full square metre of art, completely filling the space. The second mural is much more expensive, assuming a smooth transition from one color to another.

Prices start from 3000 rubles per square metre. 1 m2

In general, when murals use acrylic water-based paints, they are odorless. The paint dries very quickly and forms a thin protective film, which can then be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Colours are also well retained, which can be important in brightly lit rooms. Oil paints can be used, but behave a little differently. They take much longer to dry than acrylic, have a smell, and shine in a way that not everyone likes. More effort is also required during cleanup. But oil paints also have advantages. Oil paints are softer and more flexible compared with acrylics, which is useful in areas which are not flat and smooth. They also have more saturated colors.

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If you plan to decorate your walls with airbrush art, be aware that a working air compressor is pretty noisy. And most oil based paints for airbrushing have a strong odor, and could make the room unusable for some time. However effective and rich patterns, with smooth transitions without smears, covers all temporary disadvantages. .

In any case, the choice of colors depend on the drawing style and subject matter, and should primarily be suitable for interiors and match your desires and existing decor.

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